Paul Zimmer

Paul Zimmer

Name:  Paul Zimmer

Age:  40

Hometown:  Beeville, TX

Position at RMOC:  Kayak Instructor and Raft Guide

Certifications:  ACA L4 Kayak Instructor

When did you start guiding?  2017

When did you start at RMOC? 2017

What is your most rewarding experience while guiding?  Teaching the YMCA kids how to boat.  Seeing them go from being scared of the river to having the desire to play in features was very rewarding.

Your most epic day?  I took a three day trip down the Devils River.  Each day on this river, the most pristine/remote river in Texas, was epic in its own way.

Education/Background:  School of Life

What do you do in the off season?  I own a landscape/tree trimming company, do a lot of playboating (you can do it all year long in TX), and play Monster Hunter on PS4.

Favorite beer:  Pretty much any Kolsch you hand me.

Favorite day off activity:  Finding some live music in Austin.

Favorite whitewater run:  Browns Canyon

Favorite thing after the river:  Hanging out with friends, it helps me unwind.

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