About Us

About Us

Mission Statement

The overall mission of RMOC is to provide a premiere outpost for outdoor adventure. We offer professional instruction and guided adventures for a variety of activities, including: kayaking, rafting, stand-up paddling, inflatable kayaks, rock climbing, mountain biking, and backcountry skiing and snowboarding. The idea behind the slogan ‘choose your own adventure’ is that we allow the guest to customize their trip. If they dream it, then we will make it happen!


We consider our staff to be one of our most valuable assets. This wonderful group of individuals really make the day special with their wealth of knowledge, concern for safety, and passion for adventure. Check out guide bios to learn more about their travels, training and experience.


At RMOC we understand the importance of protecting our natural resources. We try our best to minimize our impact on the environment and to encourage others to do the same. The following list shows the conservation programs that we participate in.

  • Recycling– We recycle all plastic, glass, tin, aluminum, steel, cardboard, and office paper at the local center. We also recycle our old electronic devices.
  • Compost– A portion of all food scraps are recycled in our own garden.
  • Bike Shuttle– Whenever possible we use bicycles to shuttle the vehicle for your trip. Check out our map in the office to see the miles we have traveled and the amount of fuel saved.  Every time we run a shuttle on our bike we log the miles and apply them to Fred the Biker’s mileage.  Our goal is for Fred to ride across the country on Hwy 50, from Sacramento, CA to Ocean City, MD.  Last season the RMOC shuttle team rode a combined mileage of 3,380 miles, which was enough to push Fred the Biker all the way to the Mississippi River.  Please help us achieve our goal by booking your shuttle with us today!
  • Gray Water– Believe it or not, we do wash those wetsuits at the end of the day. The gray water that leaves the bins is routed into the garden to be consumed by our thirsty vegetables.
  • Clean-up Green-up– Each year our staff participates in this annual event hosted by GARNA (Greater Arkansas River Nature Association). We travel in boats and collect trash alongside the river. You would be amazed at what we find! We also host in-house clean-up events at our climbing sites.
  • Leave No Trace– We practice LNT technique on all trips to ensure a better experience for travelers to come.

Where to Stay

The Arkansas River Valley has plenty of great accommodations for you to stay another day and enjoy all of the fun things to do.  Public lands provide an abundance of camping, or you can choose from a number of hotels, B & B’s, or hot springs lodges.

  • Click Here for a link to lodging in Buena Vista and Salida.
  • Click Here for a link to local USFS campgrounds.
  • Click Here for a link to local AHRA campgrounds.


If you have a passion for outdoor adventure and enjoy working with people, then you should consider employment at RMOC. Applicants should be at least 21 years of age and have personal experience with outdoor activities. Certifications required. Training courses are available throughout the year. A list of positions are included below.  To apply: Send a cover letter and resume to customerservice@rmoc.com.

  • Kayak Instructor: Must be certified in kayak instruction by the ACA or equivalent body. Minimum First Aid/CPR medical training. SWR training preferred.
  • Climbing Guide: Must be certified in single pitch climbs by the AMGA or equivalent body. Minimum First Aid/CPR medical training.
  • Raft Guide: Must complete minimum guide qualifications established by ROL. Must also pass a check-out run performed by qualified trainer. Minimum First Aid/CPR medical training. SWR training preferred.
  • Mountain Bike Guide: Certified guide by the IMBA preferred. Minimum WFR medical training.
  • SUP Instructor: Must be certified in SUP instruction by the ACA or equivalent body. Minimum First Aid/CPR medical training. SWR training preferred.
  • Office Staff: Should have a personal interest in outdoor activities and willing to participate in any of the trips that we offer. Must be friendly and well organized.

Liability Release

A waiver of liability must be signed by all participants. To view a PDF version of our release form, Click Here.

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