About Us

About Us

Mission Statement

We love to play outside and want to share that passion with others.  Our goal is to provide a premiere outpost for year round, non-motorized outdoor adventures in the Rocky Mountains.  We offer professional instruction, guided adventures, and certification courses.


We consider our staff to be one of our most valuable assets. This wonderful group of individuals really make the day special with their wealth of knowledge, concern for safety, and passion for adventure. Check out guide bios to learn more about their travels, training and experience.

Employee Owned

RMOC ownership is available to staff members.  This relationship offers guides the opportunity to build actual equity for their hard work.  And in return, we are blessed with committed, experienced, and motivated staff members that continue to offer incredible experiences to our guests.


At RMOC we understand the importance of protecting our natural resources. We try our best to minimize our impact on the environment and to encourage others to do the same. The following list shows the conservation programs that we participate in.

  • Recycling– We recycle all plastic, glass, tin, aluminum, steel, cardboard, and office paper at the local center. We also recycle our old electronic devices.
  • Bike Shuttle– Whenever possible we use bicycles to shuttle the vehicle for your trip. This helps to reduce the carbon footprint of your trip and also helps to keep us healthy and happy.  We like to say that ‘we ride up mountains so that you can paddle down rivers’
  • Clean-up Green-up– Each year our staff participates in this annual event hosted by GARNA (Greater Arkansas River Nature Association). We travel in boats and collect trash alongside the river. You would be amazed at what we find! We also host in-house clean-up events at our climbing sites.
  • Leave No Trace– We practice LNT technique on all trips to ensure a better experience for travelers to come.

Liability Release

A waiver of liability must be signed by all participants. To view a PDF version of our release form, Click Here.

Cancellation Policy

To view a PDF version of our cancellation policy, Click Here.


If you have a passion for outdoor adventure and enjoy working with people, then you should consider employment at RMOC. Applicants should be at least 21 years of age and have personal experience with outdoor activities. Certifications required. Training courses are available throughout the year. A list of positions are included below.  To apply: Send a cover letter and resume to staffing@rmoc.com.

  • Kayak Instructor: Must be certified in kayak instruction by the ACA or equivalent body. Minimum First Aid/CPR medical training. SWR training preferred.
  • Climbing Guide: Must be certified in single pitch climbs by the AMGA or equivalent body. Minimum First Aid/CPR medical training.
  • Raft Guide: Must complete minimum guide qualifications established by ROL. Must also pass a check-out run performed by qualified trainer. Minimum First Aid/CPR medical training. SWR training preferred.
  • Mountain Bike Guide: Certified guide by the IMBA preferred. Minimum WFR medical training.
  • SUP Instructor: Must be certified in SUP instruction by the ACA or equivalent body. Minimum First Aid/CPR medical training. SWR training preferred.
  • Ski/Splitboard Guide: Avalanche Safety and Rescue certifications required.  Minimum WFR medical training.
  • Office Staff: Should have a personal interest in outdoor activities and willing to participate in any of the trips that we offer. Must be friendly and well organized.
  • Logistics Coordinator: This person is responsible for coordinating daily logistics, mostly associated with vehicles and shuttles.  Must be able to drive a manual transmission and confidently backup a trailer.  Willingness to ride an e-bike for up to 10 miles/day.  Ability to do basic maintenance work.  Friendly, hard working, and self motivated.

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