Gear Rentals

Gear Rentals

River / Lake Equipment

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 Raft Package- $200/day

Includes: One raft (12’ or 13’) with paddles or oar frame. Barrel pump. Up to 6 pfd’s and helmets. Up to 6 wetsuits, spray jackets and booties.

Inflatable Kayak (Duckie) Package- $50/day

Includes: One Inflatable Kayak with paddle.  Barrel pump. One PFD, helmet, wetsuit, spray jacket and footwear.

Tandem Inflatable Kayak (Double Duckie) Package- $75/day

Includes: One tandem Inflatable Kayak with 2 paddles. Barrel pump. Two each of PFD’s, helmets, wetsuits, spray jackets, and footwear

Stand Up Paddle Package- $50/day

Includes: One Stand-Up Paddleboard with paddle and pump. One PFD, helmet, wetsuit, spray jacket and footwear.

Individual pieces of Equipment

Paddles- $10/day
PFD and Helmet- $10/day
Wetsuit- $5/day
Footwear- $5/day
Spray Jacket- $5/day
Sweep Kit- $20/day

Splitboards / Backcountry Equipment

 Splitboard Package – $50/day

Includes: Board, bindings, skins, poles.  Boots NOT included.

Snow Safety Kit – $35/day

Includes: Backpack, transceiver, shovel, probe

Performance Gear Sled – $35/day

Awesome for hut trips!  Fully enclosed sled with aluminum horns

Camping Equipment


Includes: 2 person/3 season tent

Sleeping Bag w/pad- $25/day

Includes: Beefy 1″ enclosed foam pad.

Package – $45/day

Includes: 1 tent and a pair of sleeping bags and pads

All rentals are for 24 hours

Rental Shop open from 8am – 5pm


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