Guided Mountain Bike Tours

Guided Mountain Bike Tours

Looking to improve your mountain biking skill set? A guided bike tour is a great option for riders at any level. Take advantage of the cooler fall days and spend either a half or full day on a guided bike tour. Private instruction from the guides at RMOC will give you the confidence and strength to master any turn or drop. A half day course can be great for learning how to roll over the rocks and small ledges commonly seen in the Rockies. Book a full day for heavy climbs, descents, and majestic views along our incredible trail system in the Arkansas River Valley. 

Access our on-site skills area for practicing basic maneuvers and technical moves. When you’re ready, let our guides take you to the Arkansas Hills trail, where you can try out your newly learned moves through the rocky sections. We’ll take you to our favorite trail, Cottonwood Trail and then down Backbone and Chicken Dinner trails for a full day’s adventure. 

If you’ve ever been shuttled to the top of the mountain just to ride down, you know what a rush it can be. Let us show you the thrill of riding down Collegiate Peaks, down the paved road with the freshly turned Aspens and mountain scenery rushing by in the background. You can’t beat this ride in the fall. It’s an experience you won’t forget and will likely want to repeat!

If you’re unsure, our guides can also help you determine what skill level you are. Offering tours at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels, we’ve got simple roads with few rocks and steep climbs with big rocks. Come check it out for yourself. Who knows? Maybe you’ll arrive a beginner and leave an expert! 


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