Learn to Rock Climb and Experience its Incredible Health Benefits

Learn to Rock Climb and Experience its Incredible Health Benefits

Disclaimer: Though many of RMOC’s staff members are avid rock climbers, we are not biased about the following opinion. 

Rock climbing is the absolute best sport for your body and mind.

There, we said it. Bold, perhaps, but we can’t deny it. Rock climbing offers a long list of amazing physical and mental benefits—a list any other sport can barely compare to.

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Muscles. Get a full-body workout—core, arms, shoulders, back, and legs—all in one activity. 

Flexibility. Reaching for holds naturally stretches your muscles. 

Stamina. While climbing, there are times you’ll have to hold on longer than you think is possible. 

Calories. On average men can burn up to 899kcal per hour and women up to 774kcal per hour.

Balance. As your core strengthens, your ability to remain balanced on the rock will improve too. 

Cardio. When your muscles work to the limit, more oxygen gets pumped to them. This causes your lungs to work overtime.

Low-impact. Avoid heavy pounding and repetition for a low-impact exercise. 


Focus. Focus on the task at hand rather than the fear of being high off the ground. 

Meditative. Intense focus can lead to a meditative flow state. 

Stress relief. The flow state and physical benefits of rock climbing all contribute to stress relief. 

Overcome challenges. Climbing presents an objective challenge, and you’ll no doubt feel great once you complete it. 

Problem Solving. Solve the problems of which foot to put where and when and how much weight to shift up using which parts of your body.

Build confidence. Feel like the bomb once you complete a route. 

Get started with rocking climbing. RMOC offers multiple classes in Colorado’s gorgeous Arkansas River Valley, close to Denver and Colorado Springs.

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