Learn to STAY in the Saddle, on your Bike!

Learn to STAY in the Saddle, on your Bike!

Ask anyone if they can ride a bike, and most people will say, “yes.” Ask them if they can mountain bike, the answer might also be, “sure.” But, when you ask if they stay ON their bike through the whole ride or if they wind up walking or even carrying their bike through technical sections, many folks will pause and stifle their embarrassment while they decide if they are going to phib or tell the truth. The fact is, it’s harder to ride trails than most people think.

So, what can you do about it? Having accomplished riders as friends is great, but there’s only so much you can learn from chasing them around the mountain. “Follow meeee, do like I doooo……” while they cruise a technical section is not a lesson.

Take a break from your regular routine and sign up for a mountain bike clinic with RMOC and take away lessons that will forever change your mountain biking experience.

Our instructors are certified by the Bicycle Instructor Certification Program and they will help build confidence and keep you in the saddle vs. walking over rock features and leave you with skills to practice and perfect each time you ride.

For riders with little to no experience, we recommend our Basic Singletrack Course. This full day of instruction teaches you how to roll over rocks and control speed on downhills. We will also work on cornering and braking techniques.

If you have some experience on singletrack, our Technical Maneuvers class is for you. We’ll teach you fundamental skills that can greatly improve your confidence and ability. Be prepared to spend lots of time practicing on technical rock features.

If neither of these courses work for you, no problem! Contact us and ask for private instruction or a custom group lesson. Our expert instructors are happy to design a custom course that fits your skills and abilities.

From beginner to advanced, our instructors are the very best and will be able to up your game to the next level.

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