Partnerships with the Community

Partnerships with the Community

Here at RMOC, we’re proud to partner with a variety of organizations around the community. Our passion is the outdoors, and sustaining the environment we work and play in is our number one priority. Here’s a look at how we contribute to causes we believe in. 

In our partnership with GARNA, we provide free rent so that they can run a community gear library out of our facility. For those unfamiliar with GARNA and the work they do, GARNA stands for the Greater Arkansas River Nature Association. By providing educational opportunities and experiences, they aim to inspire residents in the area to take care of natural resources and promote responsible use of the environment for future generations.

RMOC also partners with FIBArk, a community paddling center in Salida. FIBArk’s vision includes equal access to education and events in whitewater paddlesports. RMOC lends safety boaters to ensure qualified and knowledgeable guides are on hand at their events. Together, we also run the local paddling club, the Ark Valley River Riders.

The Ark River Conservation Cooperative is an organization dedicated to maintaining the health of the Arkansas River. By paying dues per person, RMOC helps support its mission to contribute to projects that keep the river clean.

Another way we support the community is by partnering with numerous groups in order to offer outdoor activities to minority groups. Our partnership allows us to give large discounts to groups wanting to explore the mountains and whitewater. 

Our hope is to provide a legacy of preservation, keeping the Rocky Mountains and Arkansas River as our home office and place of escape, now and for the future. 

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