Why Book a Private Tour?

Why Book a Private Tour?

Colorado’s snowpack is growing, making for great backcountry conditions. All zones are open and the powder is soft. So, what are you waiting for? 

There’s no better—and safer—way to experience Colorado’s backcountry than with a Private RMOC tour. Why book a private tour and not just jump on an existing tour? We’ll tell you. 

Choose Your Group

Meeting new people in a group tour can be fun, but it’s hardly better than choosing the people you want to hang out with and have great adventures with. Choose the friends or family who make you laugh, who you haven’t seen in a while, or who meet you at your skill level.

Exclusive Experience

When it’s just you, your buddies, and your guide, your guide might be able to share experiences he or she might not be able to with a larger group. For example, if you’re all expert skiers, you’ll get to try a more challenging run that might not have been an option with a group tour. 

Choose Your Date

RMOC runs many group tours scheduled months ahead of time. But, maybe you want to go on a day we don’t have a tour scheduled. Or, maybe the tour you want is fully booked. With a private tour, you choose the day you want. For example, if you want to avoid the crowds, book a private tour on a Tuesday when there tends to be fewer people out.  

Private Transportation

Your drive to the trailhead or climbing destination will include just you and the company you choose, which is more important now than ever before because of COVID.

Want to book a private backcountry skiing or snowboarding tour, or even a private ice climbing tour? Contact us today!


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