Ethan Billingsley

Ethan Billingsley

Name: Ethan Billingsley

Age: 41

Hometown: St. Louis

Position at RMOC: SUP instructor, Raft Guide

Certifications: WFR, ACA Swiftwater Rescue, ACA Level 3 SUP instructor, Level 1 Avalanche

When did you start guiding? 1999

When did you start at RMOC? 2018

What is your most rewarding experience while guiding? Anytime somebody tries an activity for the first time and loves it.

Your most epic day? The first time I rafted into desolation canyon was pretty epic.

Eduacation/Backround: B.S. Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism, M.S. Human Dimensions of Natural Resources

What do you do in the off season? Teach outdoor leadership at Colorado State University

Favorite beer: Funkwerks Saison

Favorite day off activity: Playing outside with my wife and kids.

Favorite whitewater run: Middle Fork of the Salmon

Favorite thing after the river: A cold beer never hurts

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