Grant Sigler

Grant Sigler

Name: Grant “Slippery Cruiser” Sigler

Age: 24 years young

Hometown: Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Position at RMOC: Whitewater SUP Instructor. Raft Guide. Rock Climbing Guide.

Certifications: Wilderness First Responder. Swift Water Rescue. ACA L3 Whitewater SUP. Class III (going on) Class IV Raft Guide.

When did you start guiding? Summer of 2016

When did you start at RMOC? Started shredding as an intern in 2016

What is your most rewarding experience while guiding? Starting adventures with total strangers, and safely ending them as friends.

Your most epic day? Cleaning the Royal Gorge on my SUP, Labor Day 2017. “Are you guys silly, I’m still gonna send it!”

Education/Background: Attended Winona State University. Bachelors degree in Recreation & Tourism. Minor in Adventure Tourism.

What do you do in the off season? IFLY Indoor Skydiving Instructor.

Favorite beer: ‘Todd the Axeman’ Surly Brewing

Favorite day off activity: Deep Water River Soloing / River Surfing

Favorite whitewater run: Browns Canyon National Monument

Favorite thing after the river: Going to the Deerhammer in BV!

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