Kate Stepan

Kate Stepan

Name: Kate Stepan

Age: 37

Hometown: Dutch Country, Pennsylvania

Position at RMOC: adventure specialist

Certifications: ACA Rafting Instructor Trainer, Kayak Instructor, Swiftwater Instructor, Wilderness First Responder

When did you start guiding? 2003

When did you start at RMOC? 2009

What is your most rewarding experience while guiding? Seeing people build confidence in their new skills and have fun out there

Your most epic day? Probably the day that lasted for three days as I traveled back from India and Nepal two years ago – going back in time was epic!

Education/Background: bachelor’s degree in journalism from The George Washington University

What do you do in the off season? teach kids’ ski lessons at Copper Mountain

Favorite beer: Dillon Dam Dam Straight lager

Favorite day off activity: gardening

Favorite whitewater run: The Numbers

Favorite thing after the river: hanging out with the crew afterwards, perhaps for a beverage and sunset – assuming we are off the river before sunset!

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