Tommy Hodapp

Tommy Hodapp

Name: Tommy (Jeepz)  Hodapp

Age: 46

Hometown: Ferndale, Mi

Position at RMOC: Kayak Instructor and Raft Guide.  Also fix a lot of broken things

Certifications: ACA L4 Whitewater Kayak Instructor, ROL Raft Guide and Trip Leader, Military EMT

When did you start at RMOC? Spring 2018

What is your most rewarding experience while guiding? Teaching a couple from 0 to class 3 Rapids in a kayak in 1 summer

Your most epic day? Multi person ducky overnight from Buena Vista to Hecla Junction

What do you do in the off season? Kayak, mountain bike, Jeep, snowboard and travel

Favorite beer: Tommy knockers maple nut ale

Favorite day off activity: Pub crawling

Favorite whitewater run: The Futaleufu, Chile

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