We Welcome Everyone

We Welcome Everyone

At RMOC, the outdoors is our happy place. It’s where we challenge ourselves physically and mentally and where we seek joy and peace. And while we believe the outdoors—of all places—should be open and accessible to everyone, we recognize barriers still exist in the industry, making many communities feel as though outdoor recreation is out of reach. We know we can’t knock down all the hurdles on our own, but we can at least do what we can to reduce them.

The price of outdoor gear adds up

Buying all the gear you need to mountain bike, climb, or raft adds up fast. And, why would you invest hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars into a sport if only to try it a handful of times? RMOC knows this and has created structures and partnerships to help combat this problem.

When booking any trip with RMOC, all the necessary gear is included with the trip price—RMOC is one of the few outfitters to do this!  We are in partnership with GARNA (Greater Arkansas River Nature Association) to build a gear library available to Chaffee County residents, and we offer the Adventure Pass, available year-round and arguably Colorado’s greatest deal in outdoor recreation. 

Accessibility and the outdoors

Though not intentional, access to the outdoor industry has inherently been difficult for marginalized communities, including those with larger bodies or disabilities. RMOC looks to change this by offering gear to fit all body types and hosting trips of varying levels of difficulty. We also aim to accommodate physical differences, such as hearing or visual impairments, by offering printed safety instructions and utilizing our most experienced guides. 

Inclusivity in our staff and beyond

In 2106, RMOC began offering employee ownership, and since then, owners and managers have grown to include women and members of the LGBTQ+ community. “RMOC has felt like a warm and welcoming community for as long as I’ve been here,” says Owner Brandon Slate. “From our incredible staff to our range of trip offerings, I feel there is a place here for everyone.”


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