Where There is Light

Where There is Light

On March 25, Gov. Jared Polis instituted a stay-at-home order for all 5.7 million Colorado residents, urging everyone to only venture out for essential reasons. This period of extreme social distancing is all for good reason—but you’re not alone if you’re already feeling COVID-induced cabin fever.

At RMOC, we believe that getting outdoors is not just a great way to take care of  your mental health, but that it’s essential. We also believe a lot of you have the philosophy, “go big or go home,” but we want to emphasize that outdoor adventure doesn’t always have to be epic. 

If in these strange times you can’t get to a trail, then take a walk right out your front door and explore your neighborhood, be it on a sidewalk, dirt road, or path. Or take the time to dial in the outfitting on your kayak, give your mountain bike an overhaul, or maybe learn to do a kickflip.  

We totally get wanting to go big, because at RMOC, that’s what we do. But it’s also important to remember the mountains aren’t going anywhere. Mountain biking, rafting, hiking, climbing… they will be as glorious as ever once travel restrictions are lifted. 

In the meantime, we are preparing our gear, our Buena Vista location, and our staff to launch all of our trips and lessons once this health crisis passes. Rest assured, we will be ready and waiting once you are free to come and play outside with us

Right now, we are more dependent on each other than ever before. But if we work together, we will get through this, and, as I believe, be filled with values only a crisis like this can fosterkindness, resilience, accountability, respect, and courage.

I like to imagine a world where every outdoor warrior carried these values into the backcountry, along the river, and on the trails, and it makes me optimistic that on the other side of this tragedy, there is light. 

Brandon Slate
Owner, RMOC


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