Whitewater Certification Courses with RMOC

Whitewater Certification Courses with RMOC

Do you dream of working on the river this summer? It’s not a bad gig. With added benefits like sunshine, exercise, and loads of fun on the water and off, it’s no wonder being a raft guide is high a so many bucket lists. 

However, if you want to pursue this dream or want to move up in the ranks, a few certifications are necessary, and RMOC is here to help you out. 

RMOC makes it easy to get all the training you need for your dream summer job. Our full roster of in-house courses can get you started on your river career or hone your skills for more advanced placement. 

And with certification from RMOC and the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area (AHRA), you’re sure to land the position you want as our high standards are recognized throughout the industry as being some of the best. 

Get Started with RMOC’s Raft Guide Course

Our Raft Guide Course is a great place to start for anyone who wants to work on the river as it includes all of the requirements for Colorado ROL Guide Certification. In this course, you’ll learn to navigate a team of rafters down class III whitewater. It is mostly focused on paddle guiding but will cover oar boats as well.

Increase Your Qualifications With an American Canoe Association (ACA) Course

Our ACA courses will bring your training and qualifications to the next level, making you a more desirable candidate for any job on the river. 

The ACA is a national organization dedicated to promoting paddlesports education. To learn more, visit americancanoe.org.

Sign up for our ACA L4 Swift Water Rescue Course to learn rescue techniques for paddlers in distress as well as self-rescue techniques. If you already hold this certification, you can always take our additional offering, ACA Swiftwater Rescue Skills Update.

Try Something New With an ACA Kayak or SUP Instructor Certification Workshop (ICW)

Get off the raft and in a kayak or on a SUP with our unique kayak and SUP ICWs. 

Our Kayak ICW is designed for those looking to become a whitewater kayak instructor. The main focus is on progressions from basic to advanced maneuvers. Safety and rescue techniques are also covered. 

Our SUP ICWs range from Intro to SUP to the Advanced ACA Level 5. Start your SUP Instructor journey on flatwater or polish it off by learning how to teach SUP on class III Whitewater. Wherever you are in your SUP instructor career, RMOC has the level that’s right for you. 

Ready for summer? We are! Sign up with RMOC to land your dream job on the river and never look back.

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