Why is a Smaller Outfitter Better?

Why is a Smaller Outfitter Better?

RMOC offers employee ownership, and you can tell. This unique owner-run dynamic permeates all of our operations. You can trust you will be greeted, guided, and surrounded by staff that truly cares about making sure you are happy with your experience—like their own livelihood depends on it!

We know you have your choice of outdoor outfitters in the Rocky Mountains. While you work on your wish list of the kind of experience you want to have, consider these questions:

Do you want your guide to get your attention by calling you “m’am,” “sir,” or worse yet, “dude”? Each trip Smaller Outfitters are Better!Wjuleaving RMOC starts with a group of people headed out on an adventure led by a stranger. Each trip returns with a familial bond, having been blown away with a shared experience. Fierce friendships are frequently forged furiously fast while having fun with RMOC.

If your rented booties are both left feet, do you want to spend hours on the river like that? At a big outfitter, equipment rental is fast and chaotic. With RMOC, we carefully ensure each guest has appropriate gear for every adventure. We promise to not only rent you booties that are the same size but have both a right and left foot.

You’ve booked a trip for your whole family of 14, do you want four of you to split off and ride with other guests? If you’ve booked a large group with RMOC you can trust you’ll ride together. Our private trips are just that—private and catered to you and your group’s specific needs and desired outcomes. No two private trips are ever the same.

Are you an expert kayaker that wants to be coddled like a beginner on a duckie? Are you a wide-eyed first-timer who really wants to climb a 14er and be berated as you try your hardest? RMOC guides are highly skilled and trained at the most beginner and advanced levels. We love to share first-time mountain bike rides, rock climbs, and rafting trips with folks who are new to mountain sports and we are proud to offer instruction and advanced training for the hard-core athletes who want to push themselves to the next level!

Experience RMOC, a small outfitter, and you’ll get a very personal experience that you will never forget.

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