Why Non-Refundable Deposits Are a Good Thing

Why Non-Refundable Deposits Are a Good Thing

In a recent call with a customer, we had to explain why our deposit is non-refundable. It’s not that we’re being greedy. Rather, it’s to protect and pay our guides who work extremely hard at advancing in their profession and who take their work with us very seriously. 

Profession, you say? Yes! In today’s world, outdoor guides are professionals with years of intense training and customer experience. Gone are the days of guides “sitting around and waiting for trips.” Today’s guides are well-educated, trained professionals who go into the wilderness with your life in their hands. 

Thus, at RMOC, we ensure our guides are paid as such, which requires our deposits to be, well, non-refundable. 

Still not convinced? Find out what it takes to be an outdoor adventure guide.

Customer Service
Knowing how to communicate well, solve problems, work through difficult interpersonal dynamics, and create experiences that meet clients’ expectations is all part of the job. This is not easy for everyone, and it can take years to become good at it. 

Knowledge and Training
There’s a slew of training each and every outdoor guide needs to complete to work with RMOC. This includes First Aid Courses, Swift Water Courses, Avalanche Training, and so much more. 

In addition to these skills, each of our guides has working knowledge of the terrain, environment, and local area. As they lead a group, they need to be able to teach guests about the region they’re exploring, such as the flora, fauna, and geology.

This skill may fly under the radar, but it’s incredibly important for guides who work year-round with multiple outfitters. 

To best support themselves in the industry, a guide has to balance trips with different outfitters, sometimes in different parts of the country or world. 

So, if we have to cancel a trip, it’s likely your guide has given up an opportunity to work elsewhere, which is where the non-refundable deposit comes back into play.

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