The Top 5 Outdoor Activities Close to Denver

The Top 5 Outdoor Activities Close to Denver

Temperatures are dropping. The air is getting crisp. The leaves are turning beautiful colors. The smell in the air is one of change. That can only mean one thing- Fall is upon us! As the seasons shift, that means we typically change up our adventures and try something that is perfect for the new season.

In Denver, we had a record summer of wild rapids for rafting and kayaking. As summer draws to an end, rafting and kayaking season are closing and we have new outdoor activities to get into.

Rocky Mountain Outdoor Center (RMOC) provided an awesome rafting season this summer and has even more to offer as you enter the fall and winter seasons. Located just outside of Colorado Springs and Denver, we have access to some of the most picturesque and adventurous tours around.

What can RMOC, the new weather, and new season bring to your life? New fun, trips of a lifetime, beautiful views, and adrenaline pumping entertainment. Try one- or more- of these best outdoor activities near Denver.

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Rock Climbing

Rock climbing can be one of the most fun outdoor activities to do. You can see beautiful views, challenge yourself to get to the top, and simply have a great day.

There are different levels for experienced climbers, down to beginners. Our tours are for all ages and abilities. We have guided tours for full day climbs or half day climbs.

The rocks you get to choose from for climbing are some of the most scenic around. Shelf Road, Castle Rock, Monitor Rock, The Pumpstation, Leaning Wall, and Falls Gulch are the ones we guide you along as you ascend many feet above. Enjoy the views of the Arkansas River, Collegiate Peaks, Bighorn Sheep Canyon, and more as you climb and repel down these rocks.

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Mountain Biking

Take a biking trip around the Arkansas River Valley. We have trails for beginners, intermediate, and advanced bikers. With the variety of trails and levels, you can bring your family or adventurous friends on a bike ride. Take a ride through uphill and downhill sections, steep climbs, and steep rocks. We provide guided tours for full day or half day rides.

Check out the Aspen Ridge, Fourmile Rec Area, Double Rainbow, Cottonwood/Backbone, Penitente Canyon, and Collegiate Peaks trails to enjoy the views and challenges in each trail. Within these trails, you can see the high mountain forest, the surrounding mountains, and desert landscapes.

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Backcountry Skiing/Splitboarding

This type of skiing typically takes place on ungroomed trails. It may take a little more work on this ski trip, so make sure that you are a competent skier. Take a trip through the woods, enjoy the views, and challenge yourself with some fun in the snow.

Our tours are guided, gear is provided, and the adventure is one that you will never forget. Our tours can be private or done in groups. Bring your friends who want some adventure and challenge in their lives.

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Ice Climbing

If you are a fan of rock climbing, you may also enjoy ice climbing. The colder it gets and the more snow that falls can give you an experience like no other. Climb up these icy rocks and feel the pride as you scale them.

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Fat Bike Riding

If you like to mountain bike, but think you can no longer do it in the winter, think again! Fat Bike Riding is for those who love to bike and want to do it in the snow. This type of riding is done on bikes with huge tires, 4 to 5 inches wide. These tires help to give you a smooth ride in the snow. You more or less float along the snow, rather than sink in with a regular bike. This gives you the freedom to ride year round. This newer winter activity is one for the books!

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Winter Rafting

Are you an adventure seeker who loves to raft in the warmer months? Fall and winter become too cold, unless you have the right gear. We are here to fix your problem. Raft downhill, not downriver!

This outdoor activity is one of the best! Not one you typically see, but one that you will never forget. Take your river raft down a snowy hill! It’s like sledding, but bigger and more fun!

Practice steering your boat with paddles and bounce along the snowy hill. How fun could this be? Try it out and you’ll never want to sled the “traditional” way again!

There is no reason to mourn the end of summer and the adventure season that comes along with it. The fall and winter can be just as exciting and thrilling for all adventure seekers. These are some of the best outdoor activities near Denver.

RMOC has been around since 1982 and we are full of experience and fun. Our guides are all trained and ready to show you a great day. Book your next adventure with us and let us show you how adventurous fall and winter in Colorado can be.

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